30 min.

Ayurvedic consultations are done with a verbal exchange and taking one’s pulse, during which we determine the cause of the individual’s body tilt, we prescribe massages and treatments in order to help restore the body’s original condition.

60 min.

The Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle-counseling is personalized, during which we compile the appropriate ingredients, like vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, seeds, dairy products, oils, spices, beverages, and foods of animal origin. We cover the correct exercise techniques and way of thinking. In this way, we help our guests return to the basics.

30/60 min.

Astrology is a branch of Vedic philosophy and part of Ayurvedic theory according to which celestial bodies have an influence on the human body. Once you have read every useful book, tried every method, and still do not understand what is happening around you, where your place is in this world, Vedic astrology can help. After just one conversation, our guests get a better understanding of what is happening in their lives.