Try our synchronous treatment, abhayanga – our warm oil, full treatment, or even the elakhizi herbal batyus massage.

You can get Navarakhizi, shirodara, soft forging, Pada-Hasta, Shiro-Muka and many more treatments from us.

Be part of a conscious holiday where you can refresh yourself in the sea of ​​inner health, Brahmayurveda.

We brought India to Hungary – professional Indian excellence – Doctor-Panchakarma technicians, Herbs, Ayurvedic oils.

Before the first treatment, ayurvedic consultation and condition assessment is recommended in all cases.

An Ayurvedic specialist will interview the guest, assess their condition, and determine the course of treatment.

On the occasion of our reopening, we provide our guests with a 50% discount from our list prices. (Discount is valid until revoked.)

Surprise your Loved Ones with a special Ayurvedic service! Our gift cards are available in two designs and can be redeemed for any of our services.

Gift cards can be used for one year and require a presentation.

We will teach you what Ayurvedic massage oil to choose for your massage, what Ayurvedic herbs and oils are recommended to use every day.

You can find out more about our course on our Facebook page: Brahmayurveda Traditional Ayurvedic Massage and Panchakarma Center – Home | Facebook.